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Lights lights "core" how to identify the authenticity of traffic safety first


Automotive headlamps known as the "eyes" of the car. The shape of the headlights can be said is the crowning touch to the models design. With the "eyes" of a pair of outstanding personality, will improve the visual effect of the vehicle, the car before the face appear more spirit. Most riders only very concerned about the appearance and assembly of the lights, but often overlooked for this pair of "eyes" glowing lights "core". Safety and brightness of the lights, the fixture lamp "core" is essential, it is good or bad or not will directly affect traffic safety. The brightness of the lights irradiation is the most direct, most vulnerable to motorists concerned about lighting safety factors. The car the light farther and wider the more bright lights, allows the driver to earlier detection of potential safety problems. However, some of the vehicles in order to enhance the brightness, the installation of car headlight brightening, private to change xenon lamp, or with a low-quality automotive bulbs such the feel bright lights, but the beam is not only not projected to the lighting area, but also produce glare, impact of oncoming vehicles, road traffic great harm. Lights illuminating the safety of another big factor is the color temperature, it is related to the color of light irradiation

Guangzhou hujiangLighting Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995 which is specializes in manufacturing outdoor lighting products.It is an integrated lighting enterprise assembling Design,Research & Development, Manufacture,Marketing and ServiceSepcialty products include street lights....
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Zhuhai City Jinding Area Jinfe
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