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Price Adjustment Notice


To: all customers and agents


About Price Adjustment Notice


Firstly, we would like to thank you for your long term trust and support to our products, which made us establish good business relationship in the past. Here we thank all of you very much!


Since March 2021, the prices of raw material have been going up all the time, which caused our product costs increased accordingly. We have been trying our best to bear the increased part and offer stable prices to our customers and agents. However, the raw material prices still keep going up until May 2021. It is quite difficult for us to keep the prices. We are forced to adjust the product prices in order to make sure product quality and delivery. Please see below our notices:


1. All quotations we offered before 10th May 2021 have been invalid (except deposit paid orders). If any purchase needs, please contact us and enquire the prices again.

2. All quotations after 10th May 2021 have a validity period of 7 working days. Beyond this period, please contact us and enquire the prices again. We will re-calculate the prices again according to latest raw material prices to see if the quoted prices need some adjustment.


For all the inconvenience caused, we hope to get your kind understanding. We will keep an eye on the raw material prices and do our best to offer best prices to all customers and agents.



Guangzhou Hujiang Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. (HJV LIGHTING)

Date: 5-14-2021

Guangzhou hujiangLighting Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995 which is specializes in manufacturing outdoor lighting products.It is an integrated lighting enterprise assembling Design,Research & Development, Manufacture,Marketing and ServiceSepcialty products include street lights....
Lighting Project of Guangzhou
Ersha Island Lighting Project
China Telecom Building light s
Guangyuan Highway street light
Guangyuan Middle Road street l
International Exhibition Cente
Dongguang section of GuangShen
''Shangxia Jiu Road &#
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Garden Light
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